The Ultimate Guide To Cannabis Compliance Software

At that point this all prompts last arrangement of inquiries prompts do you have the cash to help us so think about what this delicate like the most seasoned programming presumably is bio track and it’s seven years of age so there’s not an entire long history like office windows officer so if circumstances get difficult on the off chance that.

I get the telephone and call you is there anybody there and on the off chance that I know how much cash you have and who’s giving you the cash gives me somewhat more affirmation that you’ll pick up cannabis compliance software the telephone and in light of the fact that this industry is regularly transforming you are going to need to call them things are going to happen so um I deliberately would not like to make this an advertisement so this isn’t about our product what I trust is that you think about.

the things I said is you go out there in stun whether it’s another store or you need to possibly change what you have you can download all that we saw today you can down or you can download either seven interesting points in a POS they both have basically a similar staff however these are the things to consider so in any case that is the place you can download all that we saw today and I thought I’d open it up for questions well then I’ll have my little girl come up and.

we’ll do some enchantment yes I’m really an innovation individual I’ve been in innovation for over years so I’m somewhat inquisitive what your considerations are en route the innovation is traveling through #Twitter into open source not simply API is but rather we should discuss blockchain innovation and digital money how all that is being incorporated with a great deal of these littler contender based markets you know.